Galentine's Day Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love

Galentine's Day Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love

Ah Galentine’s Day; the most sacred of holidays. This would normally be when you would gather all your girls to drink holy spirits, share secrets, and curse the cheesy brand of hallmark love in favour of celebrating platonic amour.

Although you can’t gather this year, you can still give your girlfriends gifts of appreciation for their love and support during a year from hell. A few little pieces to say, “I really see you for the beautiful friend you are, here’s something I found that screamed your name”. (That’s kind of our whole thing at Flamingo Boutique; items so customized it’s like we’re your gal too.)

In every girl gang there’s the archetypes that create the perfect balance.

There’s the weirdo (you gotta have one).

The compassionate, rebellious socially conscious friend.

The one who keeps the party going until sunrise and is known to get a little unruly.

The salty, sassy friend who’s grumpiness is endearing.

And the beloved, wise introvert who allows only a certain few VIPs access to their time.

Here’s a few little somethings to make them all feel special and loved on this day of girl power.

For the Weirdo

Here’s the thing about weirdos; no subject is off the table.

 Total Eclipse Of The Fart Lavatory Mist - Flamingo Boutique And they ain’t got no shame - they will definitely appreciate this delicious smelling gag!

Every weirdo wants to be a unicorn, or quite possibly already self-identifies as such. 

 Special Unicorn Ankle Socks - Flamingo Boutique Either way, this gift  will speak directly to their spirit.

Last, but not least, they love trinkets. They love collecting weird little shiny things and we love them for it. 

 Hand Trinket Dish - Flamingo Boutique Here’s a neat place to put all that...stuff?

For The Rebel

This friend is socially conscious and sees through any agenda. They’re fighters for greater tomorrows and refuse to participate in things that don’t make sense and don’t make progress.

To this friend, we salute you, for doing all the hard work and present what we believe to be a noble offering.

 Bamboo Straws - Flamingo Boutique Round Coasters Made From Recycled Magazines - Flamingo Boutique They’ll think you’re a hero when you present them with reusable straws and super stylish recycled magazine coasters!

Surely you’ve heard your fair share of ‘save the bees’ protests from them. 

 Bee Kind Mug - Flamingo Boutique They’ll love this adorable mug of reverence!

Speaking of protests, they probably spend some time on the front lines. 

 Protest Women's Crew Socks - Flamingo Boutique Get them these feisty socks to become part of their uniform and to give them the extra boost of strength needed to get through those hard days!

For The Partier

This friend is probably the reason for getting kicked out of the bar, or the first one to ride the bull. They have no filter and endless energy and pizazz, mainly fueled by wine and opinions. The group would be boring without them, period.

Poke a little fun (they can take it). 

 Red Wine Lip Gloss - Flamingo Boutique Get them this adorable wine gloss;

They can actually bring this one along and use at next year’s Galentine’s Day;

 Wooden Wine Bottle Holder - Flamingo Boutique  this practical gift for any wine lover.

Add some class to the debauchery,

 Wine Tasting Tea Towel - Flamingo Boutique with this cute decor.

For The Loveable Grump

C-R-A-N-K-Y. No two ways about it, this friend is a bit salty. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Forever the realist, they provide a much needed perspective and unforgettable banter. They’re a little dark - with a dry, sassy sense of humor.

Even though they’re all bark, no bite),

 Bite Me Ankle Socks - Flamingo Boutique
These straight-up intimidating socks will strike a chord.
 Hi I Don't Care Women's Crew Socks - Flamingo Boutique Or these blunt statement piece socks:

And to top it off for our grump,

 Plans With My Dog Soy Candle - Flamingo Boutique this candle says everything so they don’t have to.

For The Introvert

Honestly, it’s just an honor to know them. No really - because they never leave their house or interact with anyone. They hate people, yet they picked you to be friends with. AWWW!

To show how much you appreciate being part of their chosen favorites,

 F*ck Off, I'm Reading Women's Crew Socks - Flamingo Boutique show them these warning socks.

For all their solitary ponders and feelings;

 Off The Record Notebook - Flamingo Boutique They’ll know you truly embrace them and their ways with this useful notebook.

Perfect for holding pens and art supplies for their new notebook;

 Go Away I'm Introverting Zipper Pouch - Flamingo Boutique this perfect pouch will further warn any bystanders who may be thinking of striking up conversation.

Nothing is more beautiful than friendship, except perhaps diversity. An arrangement of chaotic personalities all coming together in perfect harmony; creating a balance of opposites and similarities in clumsy doses that somehow wind up beautiful.

Romantic love often comes and goes, but friendships are forever.

Showing love for your community, specifically your chosen family of gal pals, is important. Galentine’s day with the help of Flamingo Boutique is the perfect way to celebrate your platonic loves and the act of girls supporting girls!

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