How to Be the Favourite Party Guest

How to Be the Favourite Party Guest

Think back to when you were in third grade.

It’s lunchtime and you’re working on getting every last drop from your juice box. Your friend approaches you and drops a brightly coloured envelope in front of you.

With a racing heart and sticky fingers, you tear it open and there it is: a birthday party invitation. You feel on top of the world and you immediately go into planner mode. Who else is going? What should you wear? And most importantly, what should you get for your friend?

Finding that perfect gift is still important, but it’s a lot more complicated now. The latest toy fad or a gift card just won’t do. You need something that speaks to the recipient, something that screams them.

You could spend hours scouring the internet, or you could save yourself the headache and rely on this handy gift guide that is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

For the friend who gives Gordon Ramsay a run for his money

If your friend is always hosting elaborate dinner parties or they assert themselves as the grill master during barbecue season, you can’t go wrong with some new kitchen accessories that will get you some brownie points (or even a serving of whatever dish they cook next).

For the friend who says what’s on their mind

Every friend group has one. Love it or hate it, you know that there will never be a dull moment when they’re around. Whether they don’t hide their dislike of socializing, or they’re not afraid to stand up for social issues, you need a gift that captures their tell-it-like-it-is personality.

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For the friend who always looks fresh off the runway

There are some people who can make anything look good. Help them elevate their wardrobe with a pair of versatile Bali pants or a Kimono that would look ah-mazing as a bathing suit cover-up or as the perfect addition to their outfit.

For the friend who always keeps you laughing

Making the life of the party laugh doesn’t have to be complicated. Is your friend always up for an adventure? They’d love this mug. Do they come up with their best ideas after a few glasses of wine? Get them this notebook to keep track.

For the friend whose style is as bright as their personality

Does your friend look perfect in pink? Or are they a vision in blue? Or maybe they prefer to keep it simple with all black outfits. Whether your friend prefers a rainbow look or they swear by monochrome, find the perfect gift in any colour.


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