How to Celebrate Back to School Season as a Parent

How to Celebrate Back to School Season as a Parent

You did it.

You made it through another summer vacation with your kids.

It wasn’t easy, but you managed to persevere. If you listen closely, you can still hear the faint whisperings of “Mom, I’m hungry” or the endless sounds of bickering that you thought would be the end of you.

But now, the lunches have been packed.

Your kids are on the bus.

You get to sit back and unwind.

You spent all summer catering to everyone else’s needs but your own. It’s time for a glass of wine (or two…), maybe a bubble bath, and the blissful sounds of silence.

Not sure where to get started with your pampering? You’ve come to the right place.

Step 1: Get changed into something comfy

When was the last time you said “oh, just let me change into some jeans so I can relax”?

A good self-care day begins with the comfiest clothes you can find. Your favourite baggy sweater (that may or may not have come from your college boyfriend), comfy slippers, and a pair of cute, yet spacious pants.

These Bali pants are perfect for days spent lounging around the house. You can kick your feet up and watch a movie and make a mad dash to the store for your favourite without getting some sideways glances as if you stepped out in your pyjamas.

Step 2: Pour yourself a glass of wine

It’s time to break out the fancy stuff. Dust off that bottle you’ve stashed away somewhere and pop the top. It’s time to celebrate! You managed to keep your kids entertained all summer and you got all of their back to school shopping done without any major catastrophes. You deserve a glass or three.

Since you’re celebrating, don’t reach for your old wine glass with lipstick stains stuck to the edge. Treat yourself to a new glass that reflects your personality and shows how you’re feeling.

Step 3: Order your favourite food

When was the last time you got to enjoy a meal without cleaning up spills or hearing that the kids don’t want the meal that you spent all day cooking, and that they’d prefer takeout instead.

You have a few precious hours to do whatever you want. Call your favourite restaurant and place an order for delivery. When you’re stuffed to the brim, pack up your leftovers with the help of these beeswax food wraps that are good for the environment and good for keeping your food fresh for longer. If you’re not a fan of the food wraps but you still want to keep your leftovers fresh, try these bowl covers.

Step 4: Soak in the tub

Is this a cliche when it comes to self care? Yes.

Is a relaxing bath one of the best ways to relieve stress? Also yes.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good soak. If soaking clothes removes stains, imagine what it can do for your crowded thoughts. Fill up your tub with hot water and your favourite bath salts, blast your favourite tunes, and sing along. If you’re off-key, no one is going to be around to tell you.

Step 5: Finish the day off with your favourite hot drink

It’s almost time to pick the kids up from school, so you’ll need all the energy you can muster. Give yourself a mid-afternoon perk with a cup of Joe or your favourite tea. If you really want to add some flair to your usual brew, consider using a mug that shows everyone how you really feel (and that comes with the socks to prove it). If you want something a little more tame, go for this mug that lets everyone know your priorities.

This back-to-school season, don’t just settle for a day of doing chores you’ve been putting off. You deserve to go all out for a day of pampering that will have you feeling brand new. Come tomorrow, you’ll be wishing for another day of rest and relaxation… But the best part is, you have the whole school year to treat yourself. Make every day a “you” day with unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

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