Perfect Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Perfect Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Face it - stocking gifts have become an afterthought. As you open yet another pair of plain white athletic socks on Christmas morning, you morph your face into a cheek-cramping smile of fake delight and surprise. 

And it is likely that your stocking recipients feel the same way. 

When did stockings become so boring?

What if stocking gifts could be so much more than generic travel-sized toiletries and tiny trinkets that will be long-forgotten come Boxing Day?

This season, you can be the Holiday MVP with custom, cute, clever stocking stuffers that bring an actual smile to your loved ones faces.

Marvelous Magnets

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes to best suit all the personalities, big or small, in your clan.


We all have the one Crazy Cat Lady (probably your aunt) in the family; this would tickle her fancy.

 Or the Grinch who's always first to rush for coffee on Christmas morning, who must be avoided beforehand at all costs.



The overly chipper morning person in your family would love these colorful unicorn & rainbow designs.



Sassy Socks

Socks are a classic staple stocking item, but these sassy varieties add a much more personalized (and punny!) touch

Adorable pug-mas socks for the dog lover in your family or friend circle:

This succulent collage is perfect for the prickly Scroodge or plant parent in the group.



Wine and cheese please! What a dreamy combo for a pair of socks.


Luscious Lip Balms

Lip balms are another essential stocking item, vital for winter hydration and survival. But these ones make it much more fun!


This avocado compact balm is so cute, it's a crime to overlook it. (And the millennial on your list will appreciate the joke!).
A perfect pink flamingo with a sweet bubblegum flavour to match - applying lip balm has never been so fun.



Pair those wine and cheese socks with this bold red wine gloss for that sassy and unapologetic lady in your life.


Fabulous Felt Mice

These dapper darlings are perfect ornaments, and are simply adorable tucked into a stocking. 

Studious Stewart makes a dashing figure in his hat and scarf.

 Pretty Fairy Mouse is dainty and delightful. 


Cappucino Caroline loves strutting her stuff with her favourite fancy coffee. 



These fun stocking stuffers are sure to bring genuine joy and laughs on Christmas morning!


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