Your Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Your Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It's an intimidating task to demonstrate your feelings for someone. 

What words, what actions, and what items can capture the profoundness of your love and appreciation for your special person? 

We may not have all the answers but we've put together a humble guide to ease some of the pressure of this sentimental holiday. 

If you are sending this guide to your loved one (who may be struggling to find the perfect gift for you), feel free to use this email template as a baseline for your romantic prose and helpful gift hints (subtlety is overrated); 

Dear _______ (apple of your eye),

Roses are red, 
violets are blue,
romance isn't dead, 
when it comes to us two.

If you happen to be wondering what tickles my fancy, 
item #___ on this guide would be dandy. 
This gift will show me that I am your treasure,
And help you break free, from all of that pressure.

All my love,
________ (you, duh)

This should plant the seed, so you aren't met with waxy chocolates or silly teddies. 

For your gift-giving journey, finding the perfect gift for your loved one starts by determining what kind of dynamic you're a part of.

Are you two the mushy romantic types or the type who's been together for years and loves to give each other a hard time? Maybe you're the down-to-earth, independent team? 

Whatever your dynamic, this guide has some special items and wonderfully custom cards for all characters!

Cheese Balls

Two things about you guys: one - you're adorable, and two - you're gross. Stop kissing for a minute and check out these cool items! 

 Happy Place Metal Photo Stand - Flamingo Boutique This picture board is the perfect way to reminisce about your romantic roots.

Print and pin up that first date picture with a classy filter and put it on display.

 Love Grows Planter - Flamingo Boutique Plant something in this super cute pot together and watch it grow with your love!

A plant is a powerful metaphorical symbol for love. 


 Harry Met Sally Card - Flamingo Boutique This card references a classic tale of fellow star-crossed lovers.
 Text Love Card - Flamingo Boutique For all the times they've spoken your love language, give them this card.

Sassy Teases

It's no secret you can get away with playing in ways that other partners can't yet. You poke and insult with ease and love. Here are some lippy gifts for the negging types: 

 Pretty Decent Boyfriend Men's Socks - Flamingo Boutique Low expectations, low disappointment…? Just kidding, we know and he'll know (hopefully) that these are all in good fun!
 I Love You More Today Than Yesterday Sign - Flamingo Boutique This sign will let them know you love them unconditionally, but you don't always like 'em.

I mean, fair enough right? Sometimes you lose the battle but win the war.


 Tolerated Card - Flamingo Boutique Give yourselves a pat on the back, and this card, for sticking through all the tough times!

Relationships are hard work! 

 Idiot Card - Flamingo Boutique Get your idiot this endearing card.

But only you can call them that, because they're your idiot. 

Sensible Soulmates

You guys know what you have. You don't need PDA or fancy styled photoshoots to prove it.

Your teamwork is powerful and your independence is admirable. Practical gifts will speak volumes over mushy ones for you guys: 

Bee Charm Earrings in Silver Plate
Not everyone likes romance-themed things. These bee earrings are dazzling and perfect for your honey!
Black Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Bath Bomb
Make regular bathing a special experience with this sweet bath bomb.


 Sending Love Your Way  Card - Flamingo Boutique This simple card has a cute dog on it!

Enough said.

 My Weirdo Flamingo Card - Flamingo Boutique This unique card says exactly what it needs to and then dusts off its hands.

Remind your weirdo(s) you love them, plain and simple!

Whether you go all out for Valentine's Day or you keep it low-key, remember to spoil yourself and your loved ones this v-day. 

Relationships have been tested this year and if you've made it out, you deserve to celebrate your love!

Shop other unique gifts for all occasions and characters here.


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