All the Essentials for a Fiery Grilling Season

All the Essentials for a Fiery Grilling Season

It's that season again; the mornings are hot and the afternoons are hotter, popsicles have become their own food group and the lake is calling your name. Whether or not you love the heat, there's one seasonal activity everyone looks forward to: Barbecuing! 

It doesn't matter what you're grilling, there are some essentials that can't be skipped for a successful backyard BBQ. From the kitchen prep to keeping everyone full and happy, we've got essentials to help you get the most out of your grilling season.

For the Grill Master

Known for their perfectly cooked steaks and juicy burgers, the Grill Master calls the shots when it comes to barbecuing. They are the head of the whole operation and should be outfitted as such with the best aprons and towels. 

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So No One Is Thirsty

Of course, with all the chips passed around and the sun beating down you'll need to stay cool with refreshing drinks. Our eco-friendly straws come in loads of fun prints that will delight kids. Silicone wine glasses and coasters, on the other hand, are guaranteed to eliminate stress among adults (no water rings and no broken glass!)

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For the Best Clean Up

It's everyones least favourite part but it must be done; The dreaded clean-up. We're all about taking care of messes while taking care of the planet! Skip the one-time use plastic wrap and keep your yummy leftovers fresh with reusable bowl covers. Then, get to scrubbing with Swedish dish cloths. They're biodegradable and machine washable!

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Summer only comes once a year so take advantage of the beautiful weather and get grilling!

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