Stocking Stuffers, Anyone!?

Stocking Stuffers, Anyone!?

‘Tis the season… for lists; Christmas lists, to-do lists, grocery lists… And with so many tasks on your plate, it can be easy to forget the little things.  Case in point: stocking stuffers.

Small enough to escape notice, but crucial enough to make or break your Christmas morning, it’s not unusual to overlook a few things amongst the in-laws and the turkey.

But you have an advantage; a one stop shop for stocking stuffers great and small – and priced at fifteen dollars or less, it’s hard to go wrong.


Practical, whimsical or just for fun, we’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone on your list…


Perhaps start off with some more practical items…


And work your way up…

For the pampered princess on your list!


A comical addition to any stocking… lavatory mists from $15.95



Cheeky socks from $12.95 and up!

And what’s a stocking without candy?

And that’s barely even scratching the surface.

Visit Flamingo Boutique online or in person when you shop for the loved ones on your list!

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